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Communist Architecture Tour

Skanderbeg Square
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2 hours

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Daily Tour

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If you are interested in history, architecture or both, this tour is a great fit for you! During this themed walking tour, we will discover the traces of the communist time in Tirana. You will see the main old communist buildings and our guide will explain interesting facts about them. We will find out what their original use was, what they are used for today and why they were built the way they are. We will also see the makeover of some of the buildings after communism. The buildings we will see are: National Historical Museum, Palace of Culture, International Hotel of Tirana, Bunk Art 2, National Art Gallery, Palace of Congresses, Mother Teresa Square, Postbllok Checkpoint, Enver Hoxha’s villa, Shallvare (flats) and House of Leaves.

As we will be walking the whole tour, there will be no pollution (CO2 or noise pollution) from using vehicles and we will only have a small ecological footprint (GSTC D2.2). Because we set a maximum group size of 20 participants, we have a smaller impact per group and a better communication between every visitor and the guide. Our guides have a broad knowledge of the communism time, the architecture, the area and the history, know how to behave appropriately and are trained to pass on the information to our guests (GSTC A9). That’s also because we hire only local guides, which mostly grew up in Tirana or the surroundings (GSTC B2). Furthermore, visitors get the opportunity to see Albanian culture, architecture and history (GSTC C3). We make sure you will see the places that are mentioned in the description (if nothing unexpected, like storm, injury etc. occurs or the group decides against this). The images we show are real pictures of Tirana and the places you will visit (GSTC A6). You will do something for your health as well, but please make sure you are capable of walking for 2 hours, especially in the summer heat.
Transport (D2.2)
Information and Interpretation (A9)
Local employment (B2)
Presenting culture and heritage (C3)
Accurate promotion (A6)
Ask questions, be curious
Bring your own bottle of water
Bring hat/sunscreen
Wear comfortable shoes
Support local businesses
Don’t litter
Don’t walk on grass/plants
Don’t destroy old buildings
Don’t take things with you (Stones/plants)
Don’t take pictures of people without their permission
# Number of persons Price/person
1 Price for 1 person 90 €/person
2 Price for 2-3persons 55 €/person
3 Price for 4-5 persons 45 €/person
4 Price for 6-20 persons 35 €/person
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Bulk discount adult
# Discount group From adult To adult Value
5 1 1 1 0
2 Price for 2-3 persons 2 3 35
3 Price for 4-5 4 5 45
4 6-20 6 20 55

  • Local guide
  • Entrance tickets
  • Lunch/snacks/water

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Skanderbeg Square
from 65€



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