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Green Tirana is a tour operator dedicated to sustainable tourism in and around Tirana. You can book different tours and activities in Tirana, find diverse information on sustainability in Albania and also get support as a tourism business in the field of sustainability. The topic of sustainability becomes more and more important nowadays, also and especially in the tourism industry. Not only is it our responsibility but also our future to act, live and travel in a sustainable way. Sustainable travel means minimizing the negative impact on environment and culture, and maximizing the positive impact on local communities and experiences of the tourist, while managing resources responsibly to safeguard them for future generations.

Our Mission

We offer tours and activities in and around Tirana which provide a unique travel experience for tourists in a sustainable way, that help communities to be economically developed and preserve their traditions, especially in unknown areas around Tirana, while educating tourists to be more responsible towards environment and local culture and offering training in the field of sustainability.

Our Vision

Green Tirana aims at being a leading example of a tour operator demonstrating sustainable tourism in Tirana and all over Albania, to help other businesses to become more sustainable and communities, nature and culture to strive and be strengthened.



Want to experience Tirana and its surroundings from a different perspective? Choose one of our tours or experiences that we created with sustainability and creativity in mind. We divided them in different sections to make it easier to find the right activity for you. All of our tours are carried out on foot, with bikes or with public transport, either in Tirana or in the surrounding areas. We try to maximize the positive impact on the local communities and minimize the negative impact on nature and culture, while at the same time creating the best possible Albanian experience for you.

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Sustainability in Tirana and Albania

Learn about sustainability and sustainable development in Albania, read about the GSTC criteria or contact us for support to become more sustainable in your tourism business, as we are offering training and consultation in the field of sustainability for all kinds of tourism businesses.


GSTC criteria

Sustainability in Albania

Not sure yet on how to get around the city?

There are different possibilities you have to move around Tirana sustainably and see the sites. You can walk, bike or take a taxi or a bus.


What about relaxing in nature or exploring the outdoors?

Relax in one of Tirana’s parks and explore Tiranas surroundings. Choose one of many outdoor activities or simply go for a walk and breathe some fresh air.

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