What is Green Tirana

Green Tirana is a tour operator that has been developed by DMO Albania 2022, as a branch of Visit Tirana, to offer more sustainable tours and activities for visitors and locals in and around Tirana, with the aim of transforming tourism in Tirana and Albania . Travelers can book tours instantly through our website or through our email address and find additional information about their sustainability and visit to Albania. Tourism businesses can turn to us for support, training and consultation. This activity aims to help the tourism sector and develop sustainability. We are constantly working on our tours and offers to improve them and update the information provided on our website to keep you informed about sustainability in Albania.

Our Mission

We offer tours and activities in and around Tirana, which provide a unique travel experience for tourists in a sustainable way, that help communities to be economically developed and preserve their traditions, especially in unknown areas around Tirana , educating tourists to be more responsible about the environment and local culture and providing training in sustainability.

Our Vision

Green Tirana aims to be a leading example of a tour operator that demonstrates sustainable tourism in Tirana and throughout Albania, to help other businesses become more sustainable and communities, nature and culture to flourish and strengthen.

DMO Albania

DMO Albania is a non-profit Destination Management Organization, working with businesses and destinations in Albania to promote destinations, develop a strategy and implement sustainable tourism. They provide consulting, marketing, and training for sustainable tourism.

Visit Tirana

Visit Tirana is a tourism platform for Tirana, developed by DMO Albania. Provides information about what to do in Tirana for locals and tourists. You can find information on where to stay, where to eat and what to do, in addition to announcements and events.