Most of the members were from Lake Township and Minnie Lake Township, where the post was located. Meetings were held in the homes of members, two meetings each month in winter and one meeting a month in summer. Post 199 disbanded in 1924, with many of its members joining Post 154 based in Page. In July 1947, 10 rifles were received from an Army depot and the adjutant copied the serial numbers from a permanent record. The firing squad and an honor guard were formed and outfitted with complete uniforms and rifles. At a regular meeting January 15, 1920, which was held in the Scranton fire hall, the First National Bank donated the rooms over the bank to the post for use as club rooms. In January, 1921, the post paid $40 for club room furniture and agreed to have the charter framed. Emil Oscar Stubstad was born at Winona, Minnesota on January 2, 1892. He was inducted at Valley City, North Dakota on May 24, 1918.

The American Legion Auxiliary Novotny Unit No. 208 operated at Pisek, ND from 1921 to 1933. It then disbanded and was reorganized in 1957 as the American Legion Auxiliary Novotny-Kachena Unit 208. An active, helpful unit, the Pisek American Legion Auxiliary was of much assistance to the Pisek men and women in the service, the veterans at home, and the American Red Cross. Among other things, the members made scores of neck coolers, knitted innumerable socks, mittens, mufflers, and caps and supplied many beautifully knitted sweaters. They raised money by having bake sales, bingo parties, selling lunch at Legion dances and selling a cookbook. Sending cards to active duty military and veterans, including adopting a veteran and a disabled person, the unit continues to remember all at Christmases and special occasions. A major event in the Pisek community each year is the Memorial Day tributes conducted by Post 208, along with our Auxiliary ladies helping throughout.

Post 42 Bottineau Nd

So in 1974 the Lutherans sold their building to the Walhalla SonShine Baptist Congregation and then started a new building for the Lutherans. Teenage dances chaperoned by parents are held a few times a year. Auxiliary unit and post members have hosted many wedding receptions and dances at the Legion, also numerous family reunions and parties. Some funerals have been conducted there, and a church group has met there at different times and now meets in private homes. Nicholas Resler was born in Leroy, North Dakota on August 8, 1895. He was inducted at Cavalier, North Dakota on May 27, 918. He served overseas in France from August 11, 1918 until he died of wounds received in combat on October 4, 1918. His remains were returned to the United States on August 4, 1921 and he is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Post 60 hosted department conventions in 1925, 1931 and 1939.

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On December 31, 1994, the membership of Kindred American Legion Carl Owen Post 117 was 67. The eight-foot high center of the monument is black polished granite. The 172 names inscribed on the gray-colored granite wings are listed according to wars in which the servicemen and women served; an initial following each name indicates each veteran’s burial site. The Kindred post decided to use some of the charitable gaming proceeds to erect a monument honoring area veterans. This monument is located in the Kindred city park, just north of the Veterans Memorial Building. For many years the Kindred High School marching band accompanied the firing squad during Memorial Day activities. Later, Myron Dybing, the high school music director, organized a brass ensemble, which replaced the band.

  • The activities of the post during its first year were very successful in all respects and the post gained the confidence, respect and support of the people of Clifford and Galesburg.
  • “Whitey” Swanson turned 96 years of age in 1994 and is still very active.
  • His remains were returned to the United States on July 25, 1921 and he was buried at Page, North Dakota.
  • The Johnson-Melary Post 115 received its national organizational charter on December 23, 1919.

Articles of incorporation and bylaws were established for the newly-founded Diabetes Education Center at the UNO education building at the VA Center in Fargo. Dr. Johnson was its director and Dr. Juan M. Munoz was its co-director. The board of directors consisted of Jan Kapitan and Nurses Vicki J. Haugen and Lyla L. Rath. Jennifer Kapitan was honored as the first Diabetes Poster Child for North Dakota. Over the course of the next five years ( ), the Fargo Legion donated an additional $20,000 toward the Diabetes Education Center. Post 2 already had a long history of sponsoring group athletic competition when, in 1969, some post members felt that individual athletic contests would be worth a try.

The community has appreciated the availability of this building in Milton. Guy Vivian Benoit was born at Lakefield, Minnesota on December 28, 1892. He was inducted at LaMoure, North Dakota on March 28, 1918. He served overseas from May 3, 1918 until he was killed in action on September 26, 1918. His remains were returned to the United States on August 15, 1921 and he was reburied at LaMoure. The Post reorganized and received its second national charter on December 4, 1947. In A December 6, 1948 letter from Post Adjutant Russell Houston to the Department Adjutant, Legionnaire Russell shares his concerns about the lack of growth and participation in the Post. He attributes some of this to the Post’s inability to secure a Post home. This becomes compounded when members who left area Posts at Cavalier, Niche, and Pembina to reestablish Post 174 are now discussing action to return to their previous Posts. A December 16, 1948 letter from Department Adjutant Jack Williams to Post 174 Adjutant Russell E. Houston, letter confirms that the Department recognizes that Post 174 will be disbanding.

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He trained at Fort Leavenworth, KS, and was assigned to C Company, 5th Field Batallin of the Signal Corps. He was promoted from private to sergeant on December 1, 1917, but was stricken with pneumonia at Fort Leavenworth and died of complications on January 4, 1918. His Installment Loans Halliday North Dakota willingness to serve so soon after hostilities began was the reason that American Legion Post 97 at Larimore was named after Ted Valerius. Bryon H. West was born in Spencer, South Dakota on February 1898. He enlisted at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri on July 27, 1918.

The Elks Club facilities and the A.O.U.W. Hall were both utilized as meeting places before the World War Memorial Building was completed in 1930. The building committee of the post expended a lot of effort to make the World War Memorial building a reality, which gave Post #1 a permanent home. In 1943, the first veterans club was started on Main Street between 3rd & 4th Street. A group of Legionnaires met to discuss what should be done with coal that everyone had left in their homes. A plan was prepared to redistribute the coal to the needy who could not readily convert to natural gas. This group of Legionnaires could be the fathers of the “Open Your Heart” program sponsored by Post #1 to distribute food baskets and provide clothing to children through age 13 in needy families at Christmas. Funds are solicited from the community to finance this highly successful project.

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In the 1980s, Arlene Davis was elected president of the Fifth District and has served as chair of most department committees. During the bank crash of the 1930s, the Auxiliary lost all its cash deposits of over $1,300. During the 1950s, the Auxiliary assisted the Legion in the building fund. Over the years with about 38 Legion members and 57 Auxiliary members, the post has provided the impetus for commemorating annual Memorial Day and Veterans Day observances. A St. Patrick’s Day buffalo supper, a new project, is in its second year. He fought in several engagements including Meuse-Argonne, Ypres-lys, and Auybrfeville . He was discharge at Camp Dodge, Iowa on May 7, 1919 as a Wagoner. James Judson Roberts was born in Granite Falls, Minnesota on October 6, 1894.